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        Napoleon III Style Armchair

        Black Traditional Armchair

        Napoleon III or Second Empire, is a style of furniture dating from Napoleon Bonaparte’s imperial government and ranges from around 1848-1880. This period saw a huge renovation of Paris with growing industrialisation and designs influenced by various periods throughout history. 

        This lovely little chair has a stitched seam in the back that is common to this period but the square, tapered legs suggest a more recent design, perhaps late Victorian or Edwardian. Wherever it started life, dressed in its new clothes, it looks incredibly stylish in its contemporary setting. 

        This fabric byBute Fabrics is 97% pure new wool and is essentially the cosiest fabric on earth. Interestingly, the Marquess of Bute founded the company in 1947 to boost the employment opportunities after WWII. Occurrences like this can be found speckled all over the post-war years and we absolutely love it.

        Client: Tracy, Southsea

        Fabric Information

        Brand: Bute

        Collection: Storr

        Colourway: Coal

        Product code: CF774/0157

        Fillings Information

        Coir, Hair, Hessian, Springs, Cotton flock, Feather.

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