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        How does this all work?

        The best thing to do isget in touchwith a photo and a bit of background info about your project. We offer no fee, no obligation quoting via email so you can quickly see what costs are likely to be involved. You can call us or request a call back if you would like to talk to us directly about your project. We can also visit you – something we often suggest as we work through the process, so we can measure up, discuss details and look at fabric samples together. Anything you need – we are here to help.  

        What's included and how long will it take?

        Your initial quote will include everything needed to complete your order to the highest possible standards, but will not include the fabric cost until that has been specified. Any extras or bespoke options will be listed separately so you have the clearest information to make the best decision for your needs and tastes.

        We can update/amend your quote as much as you need, we just want you to be happy. Our waiting times can be anything from 1-3 months but we will give you a clear picture when you enquire. There is also no pressure to book in until you are ready. Choosing fabric and making a decision can take as long as you need. 

        We have a lead time of 2-3 weeks on collection of your furniture but this can also vary. For instance, we can turn dining chairs around as quickly as possible for your convenience, but something like a traditionally upholstered Chesterfield will take much longer.  You may also be going away, having a new carpet laid or any number of other scenarios. Just let us know and we will do our best to work with your schedule.

        What payments do you need?

        We require a 50% deposit on your total order once your fabric has been chosen. The balance will be invoiced once your furniture has been delivered back. We do not currently have any payment plans available for commissions, but we hope to in the future. It would be helpful to know if this is something you would be interested in. 

        BACs transfer is our preferred payment method but we are happy to take card payments on request with a 2% surcharge.

        How do we get our furniture to you...does it matter if I'm not local?

        We can collect and deliver your furniture from you and have experience of moving furniture of all shapes and sizes. If you have any particular concerns then please do get in touch to discuss. Central Portsmouth is our home but we love visiting all of our customers across Hampshire and West Sussex. We have also worked with customers further afield and will happily factor in couriers if you are too far away for us to make the journey ourselves. 

        Do I need to supply my own fabric? What fabric is going to be best?

        You do not need to supply your own fabric unless you want to. The upholstery fabric brands we carry share our values and tastes but are not exhaustive. We will search high and low for your perfect fabric or you are very welcome to supply your own, we can advise on suitability. 

        We have accounts with some of the top brands in the business and you can easily browse their ranges on ourFabric page. We also have a growing swatch book library for real life browsing and we can order free samples straight to you.

        Check out our guide to fabrics for the important things to consider.

        How do I clean/care for my fabric?

        Check out our guide, caring for your furniture for some helpful advice on this subject. 

        What is Backcoating and why do I need it?

        The UK fire regulations are severe compared to other countries around the world and there has been a call to reform them in line with other countries. 

        We will clearly communicate to you what will be appropriate for your project and any extra costs involved. 

        We have created a Fire Regulations guide and please visit for comprehensive information.

        What are your sustainability values?

        We care deeply about sustainability and there is a lot going on in the industry to improve practices across the trade. We are paying attention and trying out new eco products as they become available. 

        Foam is still something commonly used in our practice but suppliers are working hard to find reliable sources of latex and there is a great new product on the market called Ultraflex made from recycled bottles. Traditional methods and fillings are having a great resurgence and Mid Century materials such as coir-on-hessian, rubberised hair and cotton flocks are suitable natural alternatives for modern upholstery. We also try to conserve and reuse as much as possible, only replacing what is absolutely necessary.

        We are also witnessing a growing trend for environmentally conscious fabrics across our favourite brands, which is encouraging.

        Please doget in touch if you would like to chat about anything specific.